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Garth Brooks debuted a new song on his Facebook page called “We Belong To Each Other” stressing the importance if unity in tough times like these.

Garth said during his Facebook Live Studio G on Monday night (6/15) with wife Trisha Yearwood by his side, “The last thing we need to do right now is divide. People, trust me. If you’re ever gonna see me pissed off about anything, don’t divide. Don’t let ‘em divide us. That’s when it falls apart. It’s the first rule, between darkness and evil is division. It’s the first rule if you’re going to take over a country is to divide the country. Do not let ‘em divide us.”

He added, “We are all human beings, beyond color, beyond gender, beyond sexual choice, beyond religion. That is searching for the truth. Have the patience to search for the truth. Expect your government that you have elected to act rightfully when that truth is found. Patience. We’ll get there. But do not let ‘em divide us.”

The song’s lyrics say, “Ain’t no wall can divide us / No matter how high / Ain’t no storm can untie us / For all it may try / We’re all leaves on the same tree / Under one sky / Don’t let nobody tell you, otherwise / We belong to each other / We are sister and brother / Born to love one another.”