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Melany Myers

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This is hilarious! There’s a restaurant in Michigan that is helping customers adhere to social distancing in an awesome way! In order to make their dining room feel less empty, they are filling up their empty tables with ghosts.

Trattoria Da Luigi in Royal Oak, Michigan is like other restaurants around the country. They are open but they are only allowed to be at 50% capacity. They didn’t want their half-empty restaurant to look sad so they created ghosts to take up the empty seats.

Owner  Luigi Cutraro says his wife and son came up with the idea. They were visiting the downtown area of Royal Oak and thought it looked like a ghost town. No one was out and about because of the pandemic.

Customers are loving the ghosts and the family says they are helping to put smiles on people’s faces. I’d want to go have lunch or dinner at this restaurant just to see the ghosts.  Italian food is my favorite and the ghosts are so fun! I’d be at this place every week.

Check out the video of the ghosts hanging out in the restaurant. You’ll see the ghosts at mark :47/:48.  Love it!


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