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I’ve experienced two divorces but neither was due to dolls. A guy took to Reddit recently to share a story about his marriage and folks are having mixed reactions.

A guy loves buying Funko Pops and says it’s his passion. He’s been collecting the dolls for the last six years and has quite a collection.  If you’re not familiar with Funko Pops, they are little funky looking dolls that people collect. They are based on numerous shows/movies/music. Here’s the “Edward Scissorhands” Funko Pop dolls so you’ll have an idea of what they are.  They’re really cute!

Funkoween in May presents: Pop! Movies - Edward Scissorhands @disney @booksamillion @walmart #edwardscissorhands #disney #booksamillion #walmart #funkoween #funko #pop #funkopop

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This guy on Reddit says his wife knew about his passion before they got married, but now she has an issue with it. He spends $500 a MONTH on Funko Pops. $500! That seems a bit extreme! His wife definitely thought it was extreme and asked him to cut back a bit.

Well, the guy refused so the wife gave him an ultimatum. She told him that it was either the Funko Pops or her. AND he chose the Funko Pops. This guy is choosing the dolls over his wife and now they are getting a divorce.

It seems like the two could come to some type of agreement instead of choosing divorce but apparently the guy doesn’t want to compromise. The internet has mixed reactions about the story but there are lots of people that think the wife is better off.

Funko Pops are about $10 a piece so if this dude is spending $500 a month, then he’s buying up a LOT of these dolls. The wife may have a problem with the dolls being all over the damn house! And there’s a good chance that this guy is saying $500… is probably more than that.

You can check out more and see some of the reactions here. Giving the guy an ultimatum may not have been the way to go but if there’s no compromise, then their marriage isn’t gonna work anyway.