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The summer heat is overwhelming and we all need ways to cool down. Popsicles are great for that! Kids and adults love a tasty treat and popsicles fit that bill. Delish has “25 Best Popsicle Recipes” and they is one that’s perfect for you and for your family.

When I saw this article the pictures got my attention. I had no idea that there were so many festive recipes for popsicles. Some of the boozy ones scream a day by the pool or a day at the beach. There’s even a recipe for a breakfast popsicle. WHAT?! Yum!

Remember the rocket pop? The ice cream man always had them! There’s a recipe for an adult version called the “Boozy Pop” and it’s one I am gonna have to make. The ingredients include sorbet and white rum. I’m in!

The Cherry Lemonade Popsicle is one that everyone in the family will love. It looks SO good! I’m a big cherry fan. The Strawberry Mango Popsicle also looks ridiculously good!

I love summer fruit and this is a great way to utilize it for the whole family or for just the adults. Check out all the recipes here. Let me know if you make any!