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Chris Jackson/Getty Images

As if this year hasn’t been painful enough, doctors across the country are seeing a spike in childhood injuries. It’s something that usually happens every summer when kids are out of school, but kids haven’t been in school since early March. That has meant more opportunities for what doctors call “high-energy falls.”

According to reports from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Children’s Hospital Colorado, three of the biggest culprits of small fractures and other injuries to kids this spring have been trampolines, bikes, and scooters. Trampolines are so notorious for children’s injuries that emergency room doctors have nicknamed them “orthopedic fracture machines.”

One of my sons recently took a tumble over the handlebars of his bike when he hit a pothole in Charlotte. He has a scraped up arm and bruised hip, but is otherwise no worse for the wear. At least he was getting some fresh air. He could have straining his eyes and spraining his thumbs in front of a video game. If “strain-and-sprain” isn’t in medical textbooks yet, it should be.