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Melany Myers

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There are many people that are now working from home due to the pandemic but an at-home-office isn’t always ideal. A woman in Michigan has figured that out and has now moved her office to her car.

With her family of four at home all the time, Heather Konet is an engineer for Nissan and the coronavirus-induced stay-at-home routine means she and her husband are working from home. Both parents are constantly on video calls while trying to avoid their noisy kids. And when Heather just couldn’t make it work, she started escaping to her car parked in the driveway.

The mom says it’s not unusual for her to have 10 Zoom meetings a day, as well as the regular emails and her engineering work that requires her complete focus. The house was becoming too noisy to get anything done and Heather also says she was missing her commute. She liked her 45-minutes she had all to herself in the car, so she decided to make her car her zen space.

Heather doesn’t work out there all day, but she does make it work for hour-long sessions throughout the day. Her car-office has saved her sanity! I totally get it! You have to have a stress-free focus place to get some things done.

Read more info about Heather’s car-office here. We all gotta do what we gotta do right now to get things done!