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When the song was originally recorded in 1979 by British male pop group Racey, it was called “Kitty.” In 1981, Toni Basil reworked the lyrics to make them about a man and changed the title to “Mickey.” That was clearly a good decision because the single went to #1 in the U.S., Canada, and Australia in 1982.

Two music videos for the song exist. The first one below is the version that MTV played in heavy rotation. It features Toni and other dancers dressed as cheerleaders performing choreographed routines. The second version was filmed during a BBC television special. Toni is still wearing her cheerleader uniform but she is backed by her band. Her cheerleader uniform in both videos was inspired by the one she wore as a teenager for the Las Vegas High School Wildcats.

Toni Basil "Hey Mickey" Official Music Video

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Mickey - Toni Basil (Alternate Video From BBC special)

Part 2 - Mickey - Toni Basil with new Stereo soundtrack from BBC special 1982