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As a child, we all learn the words “thank you” very early on. Manners are important so parents begin teaching kids the basics early in life. This mom has apparently done an amazing job!

On the TikTok account @greyandmama you can find videos featuring a two-year-old boy, aka the “ceo of ‘thank you, mama'”–being handed food by his mother (who runs the page). It’s not just that this little fella says thank you, it’s the WAY he says it. The look on his face is pure love and excitement. It’s the best!

There’s a compilation video that shows the kid thanking his mom for a diverse range of foods including strawberry milk, tacos, salad, noodles, and a small charcuterie board. I keep watching it because it makes me smile big time. He’s so grateful and happy. And this kid is a good eater too!

This is the most polite kid I’ve ever seen. Watching this little guy is guaranteed to improve your mood.

greyandmama on TikTok

greyandmama (@greyandmama) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. Yes, he is this polite. Yes, he eats whatever I give him. No, this is not all for him. ???? & thank you all for 1M!! #thankyoumama #foodie #toddler