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Coronavirus Information Report

Mario Tama/Getty Images

We haven’t beaten COVID-19 yet. North Carolina has extended Phase 2 of the reopening plan for a few more weeks because new coronavirus cases have been increasing again. We’re also required to wear face coverings in all public settings, and that includes transportation.

Prior to my recent trip to Pennsylvania, I called my doctor in Charlotte and a medical office in my parents’ hometown of Wynnewood, PA for some guidance regarding travel. When I asked about flying, both nurses immediately said they didn’t recommend it. That was enough for me.

What would it take to get you back on an airplane? Vehicle subscription service Fair asked U.S. consumers what they would need to feel more comfortable traveling via commercial airlines and other public transportation. Here’s what the survey revealed:

  • A vaccine (47%)
  • Touch-less hand-sanitizing dispenser (38%)
  • Mandatory face masks/shields (37%)
  • New touch-less services (30%)
  • New touch-less gadgets/tools (26%)
  • Temperature screening processes at airports (25%)
  • Saying goodbye to the middle seat forever (20%)