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If you are eligible to vote in North Carolina, you are eligible to vote by mail, with an absentee ballot. This is something you can do in 2020 with no special circumstances required and every eligible voter can access.

In June of this year, House Bill 1169 was signed by Governor Cooper that bill passed N.C. General Assembly with extremely wide bi-partisan support. This bill essentially made it easier to vote by mail in the November 2020 general election by requiring only one witness. It also made it easier to request an absentee ballot and made it easier to track the ballot, once submitted by the voter.

According to the North Carolina Board of Elections website, any North Carolina registered voter who is qualified to vote in an election may request and receive a mail-in absentee ballot for any election in which absentee voting is allowed. All registered voters may request an absentee ballot for the November 2020 general election. You can find the form HERE and print it out.

Personally, I think this is a great way to get out and vote and a safer way with Covid-19. If you haven’t registered to vote yet you can find out more information on how here.

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