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Dogs are a man’s best friend and after watching this video you will know that dogs are each other’s best friends too. Spanky (6 years old) and Roman (8 years old) have been inseparable since they first met. They do everything together. When one leaves, the other howls and scratches the door. They sleep together, play together—you won’t see one without the other.

The owners of these two cuties found out that Roman was sick with ear problems, and Spanky was very worried about him. Since they had to wait a few weeks until the operation, the owners decided to put up a camera in their home so that they could keep an eye on the dogs while they were working.

While at work, the dogs owners got a notification and they caught the sweetest moment between the two dogs. In the video, you can see Spanky dragging his bed towards Roman. After that, both dogs lay on it, snuggling together. Spanky brought his bed to Roman so that he would be more comfortable and would be closer for moral support. My heart!!!

Jackie Rogers (the owner’s sister) shared the video on Facebook and TikTok and it has over a million views! It is truly the most adorable moment. It shows the true love between these two dogs.  This is your warm and fuzzy for the day!

Check out the below and you can follow the pups on Instagram here.  It’s clear how these two went viral. I love it! You can also read more about these two pups here.