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When I saw this dress I was truly in awe that it was made out of duct tape! An-18-year-old girl from Illinois is hoping to turn her prom dress into $10,000 She has entered the annual Stuck at Prom contest, which challenges you to use as much duct tape to make your attire.

18-year-old Peyton Manker made the decision to enter this year’s Stuck at Prom contest but she never thought it would turn her into an overnight internet sensation. But it has. She’s now gone viral for her amazing creation! After 400 hours of work and 41 rolls of duct tape, her dress has now gone viral.

The long-running competition challenges high-school graduates to make their own prom attire using as much Duck-brand duct tape as possible, for a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship. When the Covid-19 pandemic happened, she decided to make her dress to reflect the pandemic. Peyton , who is obviously quite crafty, spend hours putting her dress together. Unfortunately, none of her classmates got a chance to see her dress since prom was canceled this year.

Peyton’s mom decided that everyone should see her daughter’s master piece and shared photos of the dress in a Facebook post that has now been shared over 250,000 times. Peyton has been overwhelmed by praise and congratulatory messages from all over the world. Although Duck duct tape will only select one winner for its annual Stuck at Prom competition on July 21, Peyton already considers herself a winner after getting so much positive feedback for her unique prom dress. If she does win the $10,000 scholarship, though, she plans to invest it in her college fund.

I am totally blown away by this dress! This young lady has some serious skills and there’s no doubt she’ll go far in life. You can see other entries and vote for your favorite duct tape creation here.  The accessories are mind blowing too!

See all the pictures of Peyton’s fabulous creation here or here. Hope she wins the big prize!! Excellent work!

Suzy Smith Manker

Voting has started! Please vote for Peyton by going on the Duck Brand link. You can vote once a day until voting ends. If you vote more than once a day, it will not count and those votes will be...