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Melany Myers

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When I saw the headline for this story, I had to look. Social media users are freaking out over this nauseating bathroom design so I had to take a look for myself. I’ll say this, it’s NOT good!

A word of caution, if you suffer from vertigo or get queasy easily, don’t stare at this bathroom too long. The shower’s design is a sort of optical illusion. It has a slanted curtain rod and tiles that give the impression that the entire room is tilted sideways. In reality, though, the bathroom is completely level.

That realization didn’t stop social media users from expressing their discomfort with the image.  Many people think the design is horrid. I’ve looked at it a few times and even though I know it’s even, I still see a crooked shower. I also got a bit of a headache starring at the thing!

Some folks on social media dig the design because it’s funky and unique. I love funky and unique but this is not a design I’d pick for myself.

What do YOU think? Yes or no?  I gotta go with no one this one!

Melany Myers

THIS bathroom design.....anyone else look at it & feel a lil dizzy? #ugh