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School is out and because of the pandemic, kids are figuring out what they can do to pass the time. Since many outdoor activities are cancelled this year and you can only spend so much time watching TV,  Walmart has come up with a great idea! They’ve created a virtual summer camp for kids with lots of activities and celebrity guests and it’s free.

 Camp by Walmart features celebrity guests who host activities for kids to follow along with at home. The camp will have counselors with Neil Patrick Harris being the head counsler. It will include appearances by stars like Idina Menzel, LeBron James, Drew Barrymore, and others.

Starting July 8, Camp by Walmart will be offering 50 different activities that can all be accessed through the Walmart app. Throughout the summer, up to 200 activities will roll out and new content will be uploaded daily. The star-studded activities will include things like singing lessons, charades, crafts, and make-up tutorials hosted by celebrities with expertise in the activity.

Yes the kids will still be home and going off to camp is better, but this is a great idea! This will also give parents a bit of a break.  Get all the details here.

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