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JACKSONVILLE BEACH - JULY 04: People visit Jacksonville Beach on July 04, 2020 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Jacksonville Beach Mayor Charlie Latham said that Duval County beaches will remain open over the 4th of July holiday, but it will be virtually impossible for the city to enforce social distancing. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

I watched TV in horror as crowds of partiers, not all, but most millennials (25 and younger), crowded South Carolina beaches, Some resorts, and other areas around the country. Knowingly risking themselves but more importantly, risking everyone they would come in contact with over the next 14 days.

I watched the Covid-19 numbers go up as the results of “It’s my right to party” Memorial Day posted. Then the protests came. Of course, people had the right to protest, but large crowds in close quarters, some with masks and some not. Dangerous that it occurred during Covid-19. 2 weeks later I watch the numbers rise again and at this writing, 38 states have huge increases in cases. You can imagine that I was NOT surprised when the party-goers just had to do it again for the 4th of July. Do you see a pattern here? Do you see a group of Americans that are so self-centered that they can’t for the life of themselves have any compassion for another human being? What will it take? Will it take these irresponsible people killing a loved one or friend before they get that “Your Freedom” ends the moment you infringe upon someone else’s.

This is a “public health” crisis. It’s against the law to harm or endanger another person with a gun or knife and it has consequences. There is no difference in being reckless with Covid-19. Wake up America!

Large crowds avoid face masks during Fourth of July celebrations

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