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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

Did Netflix just cancel your favorite show? I could do a whole piece of all the shows I’ve LOVED that they put out to pasture. I’m sure it’s based on actual streams.  They even screw over the critics.  “Business Insider” put together a list of 21 critically acclaimed shows that got the ax.  Here are just the TOP 10  . . .

1.  “Ozark”, canceled after 4 seasons.  (That means next Spring’s 4th season will be it)

OZARK Season 4 Teaser (2020) With Sofia Hublitz & Jason Bateman

OZARK 4 Season Teaser (2020) With Sofia Hublitz & Jason Bateman ✅ Subscribe to us →


2.  “Marvel’s Luke Cage”, canceled after 2 seasons.

3.  “Santa Clarita Diet”, canceled after 3 seasons.

4.  “Dead to Me”, canceled after 3 seasons.

5.  “The Kominsky Method”, canceled after 3 seasons.

6.  “Glow”, canceled after 4 seasons.

7.  “Dear White People”, canceled after 4 seasons.

8.  “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, canceled after 4 seasons.

9.  “American Vandal”, canceled after 2 seasons.

10.  “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, canceled after 2 seasons.