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Monday’s can be a buzzkill but free french fries will definitely make the day way better! Monday, July 13 is a very important day! It’s ‘National French Fry Day” and you can score!

A few restaurants are hooking you up with free fries. Every restaurant has their own take on the french fry which I love. Five Guys makes some of THE best fries ever in my opinion. Of course, McDonald’s fries are amazing too, especially when you get them fresh and hot. Yum!

When you head to the McDonald’s app on National French Fry Day, you’ll have the option of ordering a medium fries totally free. No purchase necessary.¬†Customers can get an individual order of KFC’s new secret recipe fries¬†for just 30 cents with any purchase.

Smashburger is also joining in on the fry action. Check out their deal below.

If you’re a fan of homemade fries, here’s an awesome recipe to make your own. I like making my own sometimes that way I can have them fresh and hot. If you’d rather make your fries a bit “healthier” try making them in the oven. I used this recipe last weekend. Make sure to soak the potatoes….makes them crispier!

Whether you make your own or buy them, definitely snag some fries today. It’ll make Monday way better!