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Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

This dad is dad of the year! No question! We all know lots of 2020 summer vacation plans have been canceled due to the pandemic. John Wayne Daugherty, a dad and avid Lego fan, decided to bring the most magical place on earth to his dinning room after the family’s vacation plans were canceled.

Kelly Clarkson recently had Daugherty family on her show, and he said that he and his wife don’t discuss how much the Lego project set him back. He also said he does have a monetary limit on projects. I wonder how long his wife will let him keep the theme park on the dinning room table?!
Although the in-person Disney is a way better vacation, this is definitely an amazing substitute. I can’t imagine how long this took! I have no doubt his kids are happy with the end result. Hopefully the family can vacation at Disney next year.

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