I’ve discussed anxiety a few times over the past few months. Many of us are dealing with a high level of anxiety right now. The pandemic is causing some of it but the effects of the pandemic are what many of us are having a hard time with. Job losses and salary cuts have caused lots of us to stress about paying rent, paying bills, and taking care of our families. It can be overwhelming!

Like so many of you, I’m dealing with the same stresses. Having to pick and choose which bills to pay and which ones to brush aside for the time being is not a good time. There are days it’s just freaking exhausting.

According to science, if you create trusty to-do lists they may actually help decrease anxiety and provide structure. Crossing things off a list feels good. You feel accomplished.  But these lists can also add to anxiety if you don’t finish the things on them. The trick is to turn the list into a set of mini goals and to think of the items as steps in a plan.

To make the lists work for you, your mini goals need to be well-defined. Psychologists say this is because people tend to give up in the middle of goals.  The key to reducing anxiety is to keep the to-do lists organized, with the most important tasks first.

If you’re an anxious person who is also very critical of yourself, hand is raised, try to give yourself a break. Don’t be so hard on yourself. All your to-do tasks may not get done in one day and that’s ok! Perfection isn’t the goal.  Now I know that’s easier said than done, but try!

I constantly make lists on my phone. I make sure though that I create small lists in regard to certain things. My lists are categorized. There’s a list for the show, a grocery list, a daily to-do list, etc.  Staying organized can definitely help ease anxiety a bit.

Don’t let the anxiety get you! It’s hard right now for lots of people. You aren’t alone. Anxiety sucks but you can get through it! At least I tell myself that daily.

You can read more about the science of easing anxiety here. And remember…..if ya need to scream or cry to get some stuff out….do it! Just do it at home or in the car. You don’t wanna scare anyone! LOL!