Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It’s not easy to get little kids to wear face masks, but they may be required for returning to schools this fall. To make mask wearing fun, Crayola has a new line of bright and festive reusable face masks that may encourage kids to wear them.

The crayon maker teamed up with manufacturer SchoolMaskPack to create a “five-day mask system for kids” to use as they head back to school this fall. Not all kids will be going to school five-days a week but it’s cool for the kids to have options.

Crayola’s masks come in a five pack so there’s a fresh one for each day of the school week, but it’s the bright colors and designs that make these kid-friendly. There are solid colors and patterns, including bug-eyed crayons for kids. There are adult masks as well as that come in stripes or solids. There’s also a tag sewn into each mask for kids to write their name on and a bead on the ear flaps so the fit can be adjusted for fit.

The Crayola masks are available for pre-order now and should ship to customers at the beginning of August so they’ll be here in time for the start of the school year.

Wearing masks is a buzzkill for all of us, but especially for kids. These are cute, washable, and made to be as comfy as possible. Get yours before they sell out. And stay safe!