If you’re a dog fan then you will love this pup! Bluenjy is a Frenchie that has gone viral for good reason: this dog will eat food like a human. There are tons of videos online of the doggo and his owner having meals together and I can’t stop watching!

The current video to go viral is of Bluenjy and his human enjoy burritos. Now many dogs like people food, but I’ve never seen a dog eat food like this.

Bluenjy not only digs burritos, he also likes sandwiches, popsicles, carrots, and pizza. Don’t worry…..Bluenjy gets exercise to work off all of his tasty treats.

Watching this pup eat is a trip! I’ve never seen a dog that can hold a fork! Check out the video below and you can follow Bluenjy on Instagram and on Facebook to see more videos.