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Melany Myers

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Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A few months ago, Phil and I told you about the KFC Crocs. They sold out quickly, so KFC has decided to bring them back and they’re going on sale next week.

Kentucky Fried Chicken X Crocs Classic Clog will be available starting Tuesday July 28. They not only look like a striped bucket of chicken, but they also come with two removable, chicken scented (YEP, SCENTED) charms that look just like a fried chicken drumstick. Earlier in the year there was also a platform KFC clog, but that one isn’t coming back, at least not right now.

The shoes will be sold only on and they’re going for $59.99. Although the shoes are extremely silly, they do support a great cause! For every pair they sell, KFC will donate $3 to their foundation’s REACH Educational Grant Program.. The program helps employees at participating KFC U.S. restaurants to further their education through college scholarships. Love it!

A word of caution about the shoes; if you have pets they may try and eat em since they are chicken scented. They’ll definitely be following you around. LOL!