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Melany Myers

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Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Just reading the headline of this story made me think, “Well, we’re fat & we stink.” LOL! I know that’s not the case but I did think it was odd that deodorant sales are down right now, since it’s summer. Ice cream sales are up which makes sense though.

People’s priorities seem to have changed while they’ve been in lockdown these last few months and their personal hygiene may be taking a hit. With all that time at home, wearing deodorant appears to be less important because, according to consumer goods company Unilever, the demand for personal care items is down. But one thing people are buying more of? Ice cream.

While Unilever has seen a decrease in sales for its brands like Dove soap and Axe deodorant, sales for other Unilever brands including Ben and Jerry’s and Magnum ice creams are up. At the beginning of the year, their ice cream brands had a 15% increase in sales, and between April and June, they went up by 26%.

My guess is that deodorant sales are down because so many people are working from home. We aren’t going out like we were pre-pandemic. Personally, I don’t get it. The heat is ridiculous this summer! I put on deodorant most days, even if I’m just staying at home. I don’t wanna smell stinky!

An increase in ice cream sales totally makes sense. It’s hot and ice cream is an excellent treat. Also, ice cream is a comfort food and many of us are eating a lot right now. Comfort foods rule right now!  Truth told, what else is there to do but eat and binge watch Netflix? Even if there wasn’t a pandemic, I’d probably be eating lots of ice cream. It’s just too damn hot to go out!

People who aren’t wearing deodorant can maintain social distancing a lot easier because no one wants to get too close to that B.O. Ha! I have some friends that are working from home and they’ve admitted to going days without showering! Ugh!

You can check out more on this story here. I’m off to buy more Ben & Jerry’s. They should be my sponsor for the summer!