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Melany Myers

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Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This past Saturday we gave you a day of mid-year cheer and played Christmas music all day. Phil and I had a great time and we got a very positive response. Our goal was to bring a bit of hope and happiness to folks. This year has been rough and most of us are searching for something good.

We aren’t the only ones that thought Christmas in July would be a good thing. Our friends at Queen City Craft and Gourmet are also giving you some fun. Beginning today at 4 PM, they’ll start celebrating with food and beer!

July 28th through 30th as they’ll be¬†tapping four Christmas beers, serving a ham dinner and Christmas cupcakes. They’ll even have Christmas decorations up and they’ll be playing Christmas tunes. It’s a full-on Christmas in July! Gifts are optional….kidding!
If you’ve never tried the food at Queen City Craft & Gourmet, it is fabulous! They have specials daily and always have really interesting and original desserts. If you like Shrimp & Grits, they make the best I’ve ever had. SO good!
2020 has been a bummer in a lot of different ways for so many of us. Bust out that ugly Christmas tank top, (are those a thing?) or just throw a Santa hat on & enjoy some delicious food and beverages. There’s nothing wrong with a little Christmas fun in July. Grab more details here.¬† You can also check out their website here. And Merry Christmas….in July!