We have all seen squirrels eating human food. Pretzels, peanuts, sometimes even pizza. NEVER have I seen a squirrel go for pizza like this! A squirrel in New Jersey actually opened a pizza box to snag some slices. Crazy!

A family in Montclair, NJ, witnessed the brazen theft. The mom had decided to order pizza because she wanted to take a break from cooking. Unfortunately, her dreams of enjoying some tasty pie were destroyed when she saw a crafty squirrel had beaten her to the food.

The 14-second security footage from July 17 shows the opportunistic porch pirate snatching not one but two slices of pizza from the box in broad daylight. The woman chased the furry thief off the porch, whereupon she discovered that it had gnawed a giant hole in the box.

At that point, she reportedly yelled to her husband, “The squirrel stole our pizza!” However, the hubby didn’t believe her until he saw footage of the pizza thief in action.

Obviously, the family tossed the pizza. They contacted Grubhub, which gave them a “full refund for the order without even asking,” says the grateful woman. Nice!

Here’s the thief in action! And you can read more and see pics here.

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