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Melany Myers

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Gov. Cooper held a press conference yesterday and announced that the sale of alcoholic drinks in restaurants, breweries, wineries, and distilleries will stop at 11 pm. North Carolina bars that are currently closed will remain closed. This order will take effect Friday, July 31.

I watched some of the press conference, it came on after ‘Judge Judy’, and I always watch my girl! Gov. Cooper explained that he believes the virus can be slowed down if restaurants that serve alcohol stop selling alcoholic beverages earlier in the evening. He went on to explain that usually younger people go out later in the evening. Colleges and universities will start soon which will bring people from all over the country to our state. He believes decreasing the number of people out together is critical in slowing the spread of the virus.

This order does not apply to grocery stores, convenience stores or other entities permitted to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption. The curfew will remain in effect until Aug. 31.

If you missed his press conference or would like to read more details about the curfew, you can grab info here.