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Melany Myers

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There are times when I see a headline to a story and I just shake my head and laugh. This is one of those times. According to a new study, many Americans are eating more comfort food than ever before. Hmmmmmm…..I wonder why?!

The study was funded by Sensodyne toothpaste. Not really sure why though. Maybe more comfort foods mean issues with teeth…not sure. Results of the study show that three-quarters of Americans are eating more comfort food than ever before. Researchers asked two-thousand Americans about their eating habits during their time in self-isolation and how they have used food to connect with their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shockingly, the study found that many Americans have turned to comfort foods to deal with stress and anxiety during the pandemic. Isolation has played a big role in people eating more foods that bring them comfort. Ice cream, cookies, pizza, chips, etc have been the go-to foods for many folks.

Now I’m single and live alone. I can admit that I have definitely turned to food to deal with the anxiety and stress of the last few months. There’s so much going on in the world that’s quite worrisome. Food is the easy go-to. For me it’s been ice cream. My stay-at-home time should be sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s!

I think that there are lots of folks that aren’t sleeping great right now due to stress. There many people that have lost their jobs and/or taken a cut in pay. Financial worries can play a big part in anxiety. Then there’s kids going back to school, people not seeing friends and family, and people not leaving the house and working from home. It’s a very taxing time!

I’m pretty sure that the money that went towards this study could have gone towards something more worthy. Is it just me? Heck, I could have told ya how the results of this study would turn out. LOL!  The folks at Sensodyne just wanted to remind you to brush your teeth after eating sweets.  Ha! You can read more on the study here if you’re interested.