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Melany Myers

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If you have kids in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System, more changes may be happening. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education is holding an emergency session July 30 at 2 p.m. to consider changes to the reopening plan for the coming school year. Previously, the board decided to go with a Plan-B Plus Remote option. Under this plan students would be divided into three groups and report to school for in-person learning for several days at the beginning of the school year. Then, by the third week, all learning would be remote.

The board is reportedly considering making the school year totally virtual. According to CMS,  over 52,000 kids had registered for full virtual learning as of Monday. In other areas of North Carolina there are districts that decided to go fully virtual for this year.

On the other side of the debate, I totally see the need to keep children home and go for virtual learning. When the pandemic first started, the reports were that the virus didn’t seem to attack children. Since March that claim has been proven false.  Parents want their kids to stay safe. Being in a classroom and at school may put kids at risk. Keeping children apart, spreading out classrooms, and making sure all kids are wearing masks will be a challenge for schools. Having taught 7th grade briefly, I can tell you that when there isn’t a pandemic, it’s hard to keep kids focused. With a pandemic it will be especially hard.
There are positives and negatives with all of the proposed plans for the upcoming school year. No matter which option school districts go with in our state, there will be parents that are happy and parents that are not. It’s definitely a tough call for school districts. I’m hoping whatever option is picked, kids safety will come first.