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Melany Myers

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Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images

If you live in this area, you’re probably familiar with Fox 46 weatherman Nick Kosir. He’s popular for his dancing skills in addition to his weather forecasts. Once again, Kosir has taken on a new dance challenge, the #gocrazychallenge.

The #gocrazychallenge  was started by Chris Brown earlier in 2020. I’m at a loss with any of the dance challenges. You know I’m more of a rock-n-roll chick.

That said, Kosir’s latest video has snagged over 500,000 views in a day and he’s gotten national attention for his moves. I’d hurt myself if I tried this challenge. Not only do I lack coordination but also dancing skills.  Heck, I’m happy I can walk to the bathroom without falling or running into something. LOL! I AM the bubble girl! Check him out below. He’s rockin’ it!  Nice!