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Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

I’m a big fan of  The Golden Girls and in all honestly, I’m pretty close to being one! I have The Golden Girls socks, Pez dispensers, magnets, books, and more. Well there is now The Golden Girls wallpaper and it is festive!

The site Spoonflower is now selling a collection of wallpaper and fabrics modeled after The Golden Girls so you can add a fun splash of these iconic women to your home.

If you’ve never heard of Spoonflower, it’s an online marketplace where creators can sell their custom designs as fabric, gift wrap, wallpaper, and more. One particular creator, Chica and Jo is selling The Golden Girls–themed home goods.

There are several different types of wallpaper you can buy including removable peel-and-stick, pre-pasted, and traditional pebble. Roll sizes vary by style but go up to 2 x 27 feet.

You may want to limit the area you paper, but it would look really cute on a wall in a bathroom. If you have a “she-shed” these wallpapers would be a great addition!

Take a look at all the patterns here. And if you buy some, I wanna see pics after it’s up!