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Without question, this woman is my hero of the week! This is one of the silliest and most creative ideas I’ve seen in sometime. A genius woman has come up with a way of pointing out what a disaster her husband is. He’s always leaving messes around so the wife decided to leave him a little something. She recorded herself putting mini middle finger figurines everywhere a mess was. Yup!

Sandra Jeenie Kwon posted her video on TiKTok and it’s gone viral with more than 6.4 million views. She goes around the house, and when she sees something that upsets her, she leaves a tiny middle finger figurine. HA!

This video is so popular that middle finger figurines ended up selling out on Amazon within a few hours of her posting the video. No word yet on whether her tactic has resulted in any changed behavior from said husband.

I love this! It’s playful and hilarious! And it’s so obvious that she’s doing it as a joke. I mean, I’m sure she’s over his messes but the fingers are funny! Maybe I should get some for the office! Phil would love that!

You can find more details on the story here. Total relationship goals!

Sandra Jeenie Kwon on TikTok

Sandra Jeenie Kwon (@jeenie.weenie) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. To be fair Johnny would need like 10 bags for things I do around the house ???????????????????????????????? #relationshipgoals