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Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

The idea of getting on a plane and flying during the pandemic scares a lot of people. And it probably should. Recently, fifteen TSA employees at Charlotte Douglas International Airport tested positive for COVID-19. But there are ways to travel safely. One business executive, who’s flown 33 times and spent 160 nights away from his home in Palm Beach, FL so far this year, is sharing the precautions he takes while on the road.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Mika Manninen (above left), co-founder and CEO of dairy-free yogurt brand Hälsa Foods, told CNBC that he has a strict routine when flying, renting cars, and staying in hotels. While it may sound like overkill, he has yet to get sick on any of his trips. Here are the safety measures Manninen takes:

  • Wears multiple layers of disposable gloves so he can peel them off as he touches different things.
  • Always uses paper tickets, instead of his phone, because too many people use their phones and could be passing on germs.
  • Changes masks every four hours, noting, “it’s “safer and oddly gives you a feeling of freshening up.”
  • Never uses the bathroom on the plane, and looks for non-crowded bathrooms at the airport.
  • Also swaps out his mask every time he uses the bathroom.
  • He doesn’t purchase food or beverages.
  • Sits in the “corner alone” in order to stay far away from other travelers.
  • Covers up while on the plane, sharing, “I expose the least amount of skin possible,” and adding, “I don’t let my skin touch any surfaces.”
  • Disinfects all surfaces with antiseptic wipes after boarding the plane, including the seat, seat belt, buckle, headrest, light adjusters and more.
  • Cleans all surfaces in hotel rooms with disinfectant wipes, including the showerhead, and only lets the cleaning service every four days if he’s staying for an extended amount of time.
  • He also wipes down all surfaces in rental cars.

Still, with all of these precautions, Manninen continues to worry when flying, saying, “It would be insane not to be afraid.”