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Melany Myers

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When I read the headline to this story, I thought I read it wrong. I didn’t. There’s a woman in India that wants to divorce her husband because he’s a nice guy that shows her too much love. Say what?!

I realize that different cultures have different ideals about marriage but this doesn’t sound right in any culture! After being married for 18 months, one woman in India is throwing in the towel on her marriage. She wants a divorce from her husband of because she says he “loves her too much!”

The wife headed to Sharia court to ask for the divorce, explaining that she also wants out because he “doesn’t fight with her.” The horror!  This woman is also complaining to the court that her husband has never yelled at her or “disappointed” her over any issue. She says this leaves her feeling “suffocated.”

Also on this woman’s list of complaints about her husband is that sometimes he cooks for her and helps her with household chores. That monster!  He may sound like an ideal partner to some, but this wife isn’t into his behavior at all. The wife isn’t happy that her husband constantly forgives her when she makes a mistake. The husband says that he just wants to make his wife happy. Happy wife, happy life right?!

This woman sounds like she needs to meet my last husband! LOL! If she’s looking for a jackass, I can give her a list of names. I do understand that being with someone that is a pushover can be frustrating. You want someone to make you happy, but challenge you at times. Still, having had numerous bad relationships, being with a good guy sounds like a score to me!

My guess is that this woman is young, and hasn’t had the opportunity to date enough bad dudes. You can read more on the story here.