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Jack Daniel

Weekdays 3:00PM-7:00PM

During Covid-19 we all have had our share of “staying in” and rightfully so, but with Phase 2 we can do some things and it seems that outdoor things are the safest for sure. This weekend we took our whole family to Latta Nature Preserve in Huntersville, in particular ‘The Carolina Raptor Center” portion of the preserve as we have some bird lovers as grandkids and since birds are descendants of dinosaurs, of course there was excitement all around.

I have to compliment Latta Nature Preserve for the way they’re setup to handle visitors during this pandemic. Never at anytime did we feel unsafe. We entered through a tent outside as opposed to going through the Visitor Center than would take you indoors. The rules were simple: stay on the marked trail, masks aren’t necessary within your party, but if you come upon another large group, be respectful and wear your mask until that group is clear. Simple and easy to follow.

The grandkids loved it. There were 10 of us and we spent $100 total. Average of  $10 per person for that experience was well worth it. They opened at 10am on Saturday and closed at 12:30pm, reopening after a lunch break for guests and birds. The Carolina Raptor Center rescues injured birds and rehabs them. We saw bald eagles, all sorts of owls, hawks, vultures and of course “The Raven” Nevermore. on the way home the grandkids had me read the poem “The Raven” to them because it sounded scary and they like scary things. Our family highly recommends this inexpensive and safe educational outing during our uncertain times. Lots to do all over the nature preserve.

Info link HERE and pics below