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Coronavirus Information Report

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

If you had to be stranded somewhere because of a worldwide pandemic, you could do a lot worse than a tropical island. For one retired couple from Belgium, that’s exactly what happened.

According to The Brussels Times, Ronald Snauwaert and Gerda De Decker took off for a Caribbean getaway on March 3rd. When the COVID-19 outbreak hit worldwide, their three-week trip to Aruba was extended. They were forced to stay on the island for six months.

Ronald and Gerda made five attempts to get flights back to Belgium with no success. Fortunately, they were able to stay with friends in Aruba while stranded there.

The couple finally made it home 170 days later and are currently quarantining for two weeks. The best part is that they got home in time for their daughter’s wedding, which will be on September 5th. Still, six months in Aruba doesn’t sound so bad.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images