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Jack Daniel

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What were they thinking? A few weeks ago, I reviewed a podcast that reviews movies. Unlike a typical movie review, these guys pick a year and review movies while making it a “drinking game”.

Podcast is “The Love of Cinema” hosted by 3 guys from New York City. Jeff, Dave & John. This week Jeff was on vacation and they graciously invited me to sit in. Big shoes to fill and all these guys have way more movie knowledge than me. The episode I’m on is Episode 25 and the year was 1982. We discuss “The Verdict” starring Paul Newman, Jack Warden, and Charlotte Rampling…John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and then we try to redeem “Grease 2”.

Available NOW wherever you get your podcasts. Look for this logo as there a few with similar titles! Click below to get right to it. **WARNING! This podcasts contains ADULT THEMES & LANGUAGE, plus movie Spoilers.



(L-R) Jeff Ostermueller, John Say (Concord, N.C. native) and Dave Green

Make sure you check these guys out as they launched earlier this year while quarantined in NYC and other places during the pandemic. Thanks again guys for allowing a fan to join in the FUN!