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I have struggled being overweight my whole adult life. I specify adult life because as a kid and adolescent I was amazingly thin. When I graduated high school I weighed 140 lbs. Recently when visiting the Dr. my blood sugar was high enough that I was labeled as “pre-diabetic” and that I would be rechecked in October to determine if Type II diabetes would be added to the list of things that I have to deal with. Not wanting that to happen, I started around the first of July trying to do better. I was a heavy carb eater and love things that are loaded with carbs. I’ve been eating low carbs and low sugar foods since then and have lost some weight, trying to exercise multiple times each week. My wife also watches her weight and is trying to bring her cholesterol down. It helps when you have a “weight loss” buddy so a recent study in SCIENCE DAILY that says “couples” have better success at dieting together caught my eye. I can say from experience that having a spouse keeping you focused is a big positive.

The study is by the European Society of Cardiology. They found evidence that couples tend to do better if
they try to lose weight TOGETHER. The study honed in on married couples after one spouse experienced a heart attack and needed to lose weight for health reasons. Their research discovered that when the person’s spouse was involved
with eating healthier, they were much more likely to stick with it. When the couple was committed, results were THREE TIMES more likely to be successful.

The reason: Experts feel it’s because couples tend to have similar lifestyles already and grocery shopping and meal planning come more naturally to couples dieting together as opposed to having a diet buddy who lives in another household where one spouse may not be participating.

You can read the full article here from SCIENCE DAILY

It seems that this study backs up earlier views that share this same opinion. The video below is over two years old and makes similar claims.


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