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Warner Bros./Courtesy of Getty Images

We made it to 2020 and all we got was a lousy pandemic. And we still don’t have flying cars. Am I the only one who thought we would be zipping around like the Jetsons by now? Well, if we can hang on for a couple more years, we may finally get what were were promised.

Something sort of resembling a “flying car” appears to be getting off the ground in Japan, according to the Associated Press. Known as the Cartivator, it actually looks more like a large drone with a cockpit than George Jetson’s version.

SkyDrive is the company behind the new vehicle. In a manned test flight on August 28th, the Cartivator successfully rose about five feet off the ground. The driver hovered the flying car around an enclosed area. Currently, it can only fly for 5-10 minutes.

With funding from some major Japanese companies, including carmaker Toyota, electronics giant Panasonic, and video-game developer Bandai Namco, SkyDrive is hoping the Cartivator can be a viable product by 2023. Are you ready to ditch your wheels for a flying car?

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