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Christopher Nolan at Premier of "Interstellar"

How long have we waited for the new Christopher Nolan film “Tenent”? From a “top secret” script kept in a vault to actors who auditioned not knowing what roles they were being considered for, and then a Covid-19 pandemic that postponed its release, this sci-fi thriller is steeped in mystery before the first frame rolls. The first frame rolls officially on 9/3 at midnight. 9/4 Friday official release.

Nolan is notorious for wanting his films seen in theaters where he says they belong. I don’t disagree so I will have to wait until I feel safe in a theater or we get the home streaming version. He usually does 70mm versions and IMAX treatments to entice moviegoers to see it in theaters. With under 3,000 movie theaters open nationwide and crowds limited and social distanced it certainly won’t be seen by the masses all at once. What does the title even mean? Tenet is a noun meaning… a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy. Does the film use that meaning or create one of it’s own.

The trailer below teases that Tenet, as it applies to the film is a sort of “password” that opens the right doors…and a lot of wrong ones too! This is all still a mystery. In the second video below, IMDB Originals take a look behind the scenes to offer some insight on what audiences are in for. Nolan’s last big film was “Dunkirk”, but we know him for many others, like The Dark Knight, Interstellar, Inception¬† and more. Wherever you see it… hang onto your seat whether in the theater or at home on the couch. Experts say it’s mid 2021 likely before this arrives at streaming. Hoping for sooner!



From Director Christopher Nolan. #TENET, coming to theaters 8.12.20. Watch the new trailer now. ----------------- https://...


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