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This toddler is my spirit child of the week! Olivia Jade has been quarantined at home for nearly half of her lifetime. She is NOT happy about it and she’s letting her frustrations out. This little cutie is walking around her house, yelling about how she’s over it all. We can all relate.

I feel this kid on every level! She totally gets it. And seeing her walking around with her little backpack on is adorable! It’s a quick video, but it’s definitely one to watch. It’ll make ya smile!

Quarantine baby #cutebaby #quarantine #shelterinplace #stayhome #OliviaJade

Stephanie Crain (@stephthom2) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | Quarantine baby #cutebaby #quarantine #shelterinplace #stayhome #OliviaJade