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Melany Myers

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If you’re a fan of Moe’s Southwest Grill, you are gonna have to try this. The restaurant chain has gone BIG! They now have a 2-pound version of their already huge Homewrecker Burrito.

It’s called the Grande Homewrecker and the chain claims it’s big enough for a family. The 2-pound burrito’s starting cost is $9.99. I think Phil and I need to try this for a “Taste Test Tuesday” video. I’m not sure we could eat the whole thing. It’s pretty massive.

Moe’s is also giving away free food! They are going to give 650 burrito lovers FREE burritos for a year…but you have to be a Moe’s Rewards Member to enter. You get a single entry for every visit and enter as many times as you want until September 30th. Winners will be notified on October 6th.  Grab more info here. And let us know if you tackle the Grande Burrito!