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Melany Myers

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A Wisconsin farmer knows people need a reason to smile this year, so he planted 2 million sunflowers. That’ll do it!  Scott Thompson, a fourth generation berry farmer, said it was his wife’s idea to bring blossoms of sunshine into the mix this year. When they pandemic hit, they knew they wanted to help people. They thought the flowers would bring happiness to others.

Over five weeks, Thompson progressively planted sunflower seeds across 22 acres. The grand number of 2 million wasn’t originally in his head but that’s what he ended up with.  People have visited his massive flower field and taken pictures. Thompson says it’s a great way for people to escape from the realities of 2020 for a bit.

I love sunflowers! I have one tattooed on my arm. They are such happy flowers! I wish this field were close because I’d love to visit it. You can see lots of pictures here  and you can read more about the story here.  Just looking at the pictures makes some of my stress go away. Gorgeous!