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Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

This is a short video, but it made me smile when I saw it early this morning. I like it for two reasons: the song and the kid! A mom has posted a TikTok video of her toddler jammin’ to Run-D.M.C.’s tune “It’s Tricky”.  It’s really quick but it’s cute. This kid is gonna be a great dancer!

Enjoy! AND if you’re like me and get tunes stuck in your head, I’ve also posted the video for the song below. It’s one of my favorites from Run-D.M.C.  In the 80’s, Mtv showed the video lots. I love that Penn & Teller are in it. Classic!


TikTok human machine recognition page.


RUN DMC - It's Tricky (Video)

Run-DMC's official music video for 'It's Tricky'. Click to listen to Run-DMC on Spotify: As featured on Run-DMC:...