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Melany Myers

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A gambling website is in search of a “professional cheeseburger tester.” What?! IN! Not only will you be tasting yummy burgers, you’ll also get money for the job!, based in Amsterdam, is seeking a cheeseburger taster to find the best burger in the United States. The winner of the job will be grading burgers on criteria including patty texture, patty seasoning, bun softness, bun taste, complexity of flavors used, relish and/or sauce taste, cheese flavor and creaminess, value for money and quality of the ingredients.  That seems like a lot, but honestly if the burger is good, then all those things are working together in the right way.

The winner will receive $500, as well as funds for travel and to purchase the cheeseburgers needed for the taste test. The company is planning to randomly select the winner on Oct. 9.

If you’re looking for a job and love cheeseburgers, get in on this! All the details are  here.