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Melany Myers

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I think this story is so cool! An Oklahoma woman and her ex-husband recently recognized a milestone that isn’t often celebrated in the U.S. Shalena Casanova and her former husband took part in a photo shoot to celebrate their divorce.

The couple isn’t promoting divorce, they just wanted to do the shoot the well-being of the former couple’s family, specifically their children. Smart!

Arguing and fighting around children isn’t the healthiest thing for them. The couple says they choose to separate FOR their kids. I understand why people stay together for their children, but sometimes it’s better for couples to separate. My parents divorced when I was four years-old. It was hard growing up at times, but I’m glad I grew up in two happy homes instead of one miserable one.

While divorce photo shoots aren’t extremely popular, Casanova isn’t the first to do it. If you look on Pinterest there are lots of ideas for “divorce celebrations”.  There are lots of people that hold “divorce parties”.

This photo shoot shows the couple’s kids and others that they can work together. I think it shows how two people can not be great together, but can still be great parents.  I dig it!

One of the things I noticed about this pic immediately is that both parents are smiling in the pic. It looks very genuine. You can read more on the story here.