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Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

OK, this was a pretty slick move. Ryan Reynolds appears in a new commercial for Mint Mobile. Joining him in that commercial is fellow Canadian actor Rick Moranis. We all loved him in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids; Ghostbusters; Little Shop of Horrors; Spaceballs; and let’s not forget Strange Brew, eh? But we haven’t seen much of him in 20-plus years until now:

Ryan & Rick Moranis

Today Mint is launching unlimited for just $30 and bringing back Rick Moranis. Suck it, 2020.#RickMoranis #MintMobile

So why do I say this was such a slick move? Let’s review:

  1. Despite having a very successful career, Rick Moranis walked away from show business in 1997 to spend more time with his kids. Rick’s wife had passed away from cancer in 1991 and he was a single parent. Fans really missed him but his priorities were in the right place, which only added to his likability.
  2. It turns out that Mint Mobile is owned by Ryan Reynolds.
  3. Reynolds also owns Maximum Effort Productions, the advertising agency that made the commercial.
  4. Therefore, Ryan Reynolds got us to watch a commercial made by the ad agency he owns for the mobile provider he owns just by convincing Rick Moranis to make a rare appearance on camera. Well played, Ryan.

There’s a little more to this story. We’ll be seeing Rick Moranis on the big screen once again. CNN reports that he has signed on to appear in a new sequel to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, called Shrunk. Disney has not said when the new film will be released but I can’t wait to see it. I’ve been a Rick Moranis fan since he was on SCTV.