If you’ve gained some “lockdown love handles” over the last few months, I totally feel your pain. I’ve gained some serious weight staying home so much. If you’d like to lose that extra weight and get paid for it, The Total Shape fitness company will hook you up!

The Total Shape fitness company says they’ll pay $13,000 to four people who follow a specific work out and diet plan. But you’ll only get three months to complete the plan. You also have to document your progress for all to see, using video diaries and social media posts. The company want to prove how to quickly and safely lose weight.

I like that the company is promoting how to lose weight safely. There are so many different short cuts people take. I know, cause I’ve tried lots of them! LOL!

Anyone interested can grab details here or here.  Losing the extra pounds has gotta be easier when $13,000 is on the line!