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Melany Myers

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This is awesome! There’s a new dating app that’s just for pets. Kramer is SO getting signed up! It’s called Pinder and it’s a play on Tinder, but all the eligible singles have four legs. The pictures are adorable!

The founder and creator Kevin Botero says that while the site was created for pet owners to find playmates for their pet, he believes some human connections could happen too. Totally makes sense!

When you join Pinder, you’ll create profiles for your furry friends with a photo, location and their favorite snack. Then you’ll start swiping on the dogs and cats of your choice. Like Tinder, you can swipe left or right. Once you find a good match for your pet, you can connect and communicate with the other pet parent. You can even to find a dog to breed with yours on the site.

Even if you aren’t looking for potential pet playmates for your animal, it’s still worth checking out the site. When I checked it out this morning, I saw the cutest pics! Lots of pets are dressed in costumes. It’s awesome!

All the details about the site can be found here.  I’m planning to take some pics of Kramer this weekend. Yay!