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Melany Myers

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Photo by Peter Brandt/Getty Images

Fashion tends to confuse me. Admittedly, I am not a fashionista nor do I get all the “in” fashion clothing items. This is a great example of fashion that I just don’t understand: Gucci is now selling jeans that come with pre-stained grass stains on the knees for $770. Yup!

The Italian fashion brand is not only selling grass stained jeans, but they’re also selling grass stained overalls. Those will cost you even more! They’re selling for $1400 each. Seriously. WHY?!

This isn’t the first time Gucci has come out with new fashions that look used. Last year, the designer label had people talking when they introduced worn-in sneakers that were “treated for an all-over distressed effect.” They described the footwear as “inspired by vintage sportswear” and those sold for $980 a pair.

Guessing Gucci doesn’t get that you can buy some cheap jeans and go outside and make the grass stains yourself. I mean, WTH?! I can only speculate that people are paying for the Gucci name and not the grass stains. Cause if you want grass stained jeans, I can help ya! And I won’t even charge ya $100.

Craziness! Not only are the jeans ridiculously expensive, they’re not even cute! Check out more pics and info here.  I think I’m all good not being trendy. Fashion just isn’t for me.