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Melany Myers

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These pictures will make your week! Scrolling through them, I smiled so much that my face hurt. A mailman in Brazil has ended the stereotype of dogs hating the mailman.

Cristiano da Silva Antun of  Sao Paulo, Brazil,  is a postman that loves animals. He goes by the name of Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais on social media, which  translates to “Animal-friendly postman.” How cool! He always wanted to break the stereotype that dogs hate postmen, and he does so successfully one picture at a time. And he just doesn’t love dogs, he says hello to all animals he meets on his route.

Silva is not only a friendly mailman. He often rescues animals that require immediate attention from veterinarians or shelters while he’s on his route. He has hopes of one day opening up his own animal shelter so he could help his little animal friends even more than he does right now.

All of his animals meets are captured by camera and posted on his Instagram and Facebook page. The pictures are absolutely adorable. You can see them here and here.  I love this guy! He just rocks!